Which 'Jersey Shore' member has eyes on opening a boutique? I'll give you one guess, think meatball.

If you guessed Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Lavalle, you win!

In Madison, Morris County, Snooki plans to open a clothing boutique. "The Snooki Shop", which is just an online shop as of now, is going in a brick-and-mortar location on Main Street, officials have confirmed. No details have been released on when exactly the store will open.

Google Maps
The soon-to-be location of "The Snooki Shop"/Google Maps

But Madison residents have not been on board with this though; even to go as far as critiquing her “Jersey Shore” persona (being a party girl) and saying it is not good for the community on Facebook groups.

In her response to the conflicted residents Snooki just wants them to come check out the store to settle the score and prove you wrong. The shop has been running online (by her own hand) since 2016 and has done quite well.

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Officials from Madison hope the store brings in more foot traffic to an already popular area.

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