In the lottery world, mega jackpots of 9 figures are more common than ever.  So why should Jersey's Pick-6 Lotto be gaining your attention?  There are at least 20 Million reasons!

It's true that the Powerball jackpot begins at $40 Million, and the Mega Millions fever was crazed earlier this year when the jackpot hit over $650 Million in March - those games have multiple states taking part.  The Pick-6 is strictly a Jersey thing, which makes its current $20.5 Million jackpot very sizable.

The Pick-6 Lotto was one of the first in the country of its kind.  Born in 1980, the Pick-6 has seen some facelifts over the years, but the jackpots should get your attention starting at $2 Million.  The current jackpot over $20 Million has happened because nobody has hit the Pick-6 jackpot in 2012.  The last winner of the Pick-6 was back on December 15th of last year (for $3.5 Million).

We know that the odds of winning are astronomical - that's why it is called gambling.  The $1 game investment could be worth the cash option of $15.7 Million - after taxes you"ll have about $10 Million in cash!

While the Powerball and Mega Millions may seem sexier by the large numbers, are you that greedy that a jackpot over $20 Million is not getting your attention?  You still have time go get your potential winning ticket before tonight's drawing.  Like the New Jersey Lottery says, "Give Your Dreams A Chance"!