The 'City of Brotherly Love' was definitely feeling the 'Good Vibes' that Jason Mraz brought Saturday Night to Philly.

It has been 10 long years since I've last seen Mr. A-Z in concert, the last being in 2008 when he came to Brookdale Community College for his 'Rejoice, Recline, and Relax', when 'I'm Yours' was on top of the charts.

Needless to say when I saw he was coming to the Mann Center for the Performing Arts I needed to get myself to that concert by any means necessary. If you've never seen Jason Mraz in concert, it is the most love-filled, positive, mellowed-out, colorful jam session you will ever see. Who needs therapy when you have that?


And getting to meet him this time was the icing on the cake!

At the end of the night I felt like my soul got a massage, not kidding either. His 'Good Vibes' Tour was just what I needed after a busy summer.

Of course Jason performed songs off of his most recent album, 'Know.', which is available now, but he also performed classics like 'I'm Yours', 'The Remedy', I Won't Give Up', and more.

Check out Jason Mraz at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts below!

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