Big brother Jason Kelce is getting ready to send his little brother off to Super Bowl LVIII, but has he really decided to give up the chance to return to the Super Bowl field once more too?

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
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Retirement seemed imminent

It was a heart-breaking scene earlier this month when Jason Kelce walked off the field in Tampa Bay after the crushing season-ending 32-9 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was visibly upset and almost seemed unable to speak.

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks
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He looked as though he had just played his last game ever, and the reality was sinking in.

Hours later, it was reported that Kelce told his teammates in the locker room that he was retiring.

But wait... is there more?

Only a couple days later, his retirement seemed a little less written in stone when he expressed to Travis Kelce on their popular "New Heights" podcast that nothing was for certain yet:

"I'm not trying to be dramatic and continue to draw this thing out. It's just something that I think... when it's time to actually announce what's happening in the future, it'll be done in a way that's definitive and pays respect to a lot of people and individuals that have meant a lot to me."

Jason Kelce still wants to be involved

Here's even more evidence that Jason hasn't made up his mind for sure yet.

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
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After the Chiefs' win over the Baltimore Ravens, sealing in their ticket too Super Bowl LVIII, Jason caught up with The Philadelphia Inquirer's Olivia Reiner about the disappointing end of the Philadelphia Eagles' season and his future with the team:

"And I don’t know what’s going to happen for me. But I do know, I still want to be involved in the organization and still want to be a part of it, regardless of what the decision is. Because I don’t want to ever feel like I’m on the outside looking in on these achievements and these accolades and these opportunities that largely represent entire cities and fan bases and organizations. It’s too good a feeling to pass up.” - Inquirer

It's a long, tough road to the Super Bowl, but even after 13 seasons with the team, he may still have some miles left in him to make it there once more!

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