The weekend's almost here and for a lot of you when it's this time of year, that means your lawn mower will make an appearance over the next day or two.

Be careful when you crank that thing up. It's noisy. You certainly don't want to be that neighbor who wakes the whole neighborhood up because you want to get a jump on your weekend chores. More on that in a minute...there are hours when it is actually illegal to mow your lawn in New Jersey.

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I read online that mid-morning or late afternoon are the best times to mow your lawn.

Keep this in mind. If you mow your lawn too early it could still be a little wet from the overnight dew. When you mow it like this you could rip your grass out instead of giving it a clean cut, which could lead to it dying or getting a disease.

A dead brown spot in a green grass lawn
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Depending on where you live, if you cut your lawn in the middle of the day it could be way too hot. The sun can negatively affect newly-cut grass.

Mowing your lawn at night isn't good either. It's that whole dew thing again. It's not good to cut your grass when it's wet because it can tear instead of being properly cut.

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Ok, now you know the best and worst times to mow your law, you should also be aware when it's illegal to cut your grass.

In New Jersey, you have to keep the noise down between 10pm and 7am. There is a 50 decibel rule during those hours and unless your lawnmower is very quiet (which I doubt it is), you can't mow between those hours.

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I believe different municipalities have the right to make that rule even stricter. Princeton's rule states you can only mow between 8am & 8pm Monday - Friday and 8am & 5pm on Saturdays and 1pm - 6pm on Sunday and certain holidays.

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With mowing season here, make sure you check with your town and follow the rules, if you don't want all your neighbors to hate you.

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