If you live in this one New Jersey city, you technically can’t have ice cream for dessert. We all are aware of the bizarre laws that New Jersey has put into effect and the more you dig into it, the wilder they get.

There are so many extremely bizarre laws in New Jersey and this one law specific to Newark, New Jersey is for sure one of the most mind-boggling I’ve ever heard. Newark, New Jersey is the most populated city in the state a lot of ice cream lovers may want to reconsider living here if it’s your favorite way to end your night.

Newark, New Jersey's Bizarre Ice Cream Law

If you are visiting or live in Newark, New Jersey, you are technically not allowed to purchase ice cream after 6 pm, no matter what.

This has been one of those whacky laws that was enacted years ago, but is it still enforced today? By the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like this law is still valid in the city of Newark.

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After doing a quick Google search on different ice cream shops in the city of Newark, it seems like most ice cream shops are open past 6 pm nowadays.

Neighborhood Scoops which is located on Halsey Street in Newark is open until 7 pm most nights and 8 pm on Friday nights. Nasto’s Ice Crem Co. located on Jefferson Street is open until 7 pm every night, so if this law was still practiced, I’m sure this wouldn’t be the case.

I’m not a judge or lawyer, but I would say you’re probably safe to go get yourself a scoop of ice cream after dinner in Newark nowadays.

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