Did you know there is a Big Mac museum in Pennsylvania? Yes, you read that right. The tasty, McDonald’s burger we all know and love has a shrine in Pennsylvania that you may not know about.

Everyone has a soft spot for fast food. I truly believe no matter who you are, we can all agree that the joy of eating a Big Mac is pretty hard to compete with.

Where Is The Big Mac Museum in Pennsylvania?

If you’re a fan of the famous Golden Arches, you can head to North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania to check out the only McDonald’s location that has a ‘Big Mac Museum’ located inside.

I feel like I’ve been living under a rock because I had no idea this was a thing! According to Roadside America, in early 2007 the Big Mac Museum Restaurant opened to the public and unveiled the 14-foot-tall Biig Mac statue inside of the restaurant.

What Is Inside The Big Mac Museum in Pennsylvania?


This is for sure one of the quirkiest things I’ve ever seen, especially in Pennsylvania. According to PA Bucketlist, the museum went through some remodeling back in 2022 and there are so many amazing pieces of McDonald’s history that you’ll be able to check out during your visit.

From discontinued containers to different giveaways such as toys and mugs that have been given out over the years, this truly is a fun place to go if you’re interested in this sort of thing.

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The coolest part? You can order yourself a Big Mac meal to enjoy before or after you go.

The Big Mac museum is located inside the McDonald’s location located at 9061 US-30 in North Huntingdon, PA.

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