Regardless of when a crime happened, authorities never stop searching for clues about a case until there is a finale.

In Cape May County, officials continue to seek information about six people that are considered missing.

The six people that haven't been seen in years, or in some cases decades, all have very different stories.

And while the disappearance of Mark Himebaugh is the one mystery that nearly everyone in the area knows about, the five others certainly deserve attention as well.

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Some of these cases have apparently ended tragically, yet there are no definitive answers. Foul play is suspected in one or two, but, again, they are still unsolved mysteries.

If any of these six names, faces, or stores ring a bell, the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office would like to hear from you. Tips can easily be submitted through their website.

Six Missing Persons from Cape May County, NJ

If you have any information on these missing persons, contact the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office at (609) 465-1135.

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