Alan Angeloni photo.
Alan Angeloni photo.

Earlier in 2023, we broke the news about the closing of Angeloni’s II Restaurant & Lounge after 42 years in operation at the corner of Arctic and Georgia Avenues in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

We were also the first to report that Angeloni's II was sold and that the intention of the new owner was to reopen it as Angeloni’s II Restaurant & Lounge.

This news was met with delight.

We can now confirm that the new owners have gutted the iconic restaurant and they will reimagine it as their own.

We can not confirm a specific date in 2024 when Angeloni’s II Restaurant & Lounge will reopen at this time.

However, the new owners also own the iconic Tony’s Baltimore Grill in Atlantic City.

They know exactly what they’re doing and they will do it in the right way.

There is great excitement and anticipation about the reopening of Angeloni’s II Restaurant & Lounge.

Let’s take a walk together down Atlantic City Memory Lane.

Back on March 27, 2023, we broke the news first about the news of Alan Angeloni’s closing his restaurant as follows:

It is with both happiness and sadness that I report the closing of an iconic Atlantic City, New Jersey non-casino restaurant, that has been in operation for the past 42 years.

Happiness, because Alan Angeloni has earned it.

Sadness, because many will miss Alan’s Restaurant so much.

We have learned and confirmed, that owner/operator Alan Angeloni will be closing Angeloni’s II Restaurant and Lounge, effective at the end of business on Sunday, April 30, 2023.

Alan has operated his restaurant at the corner of Arctic and Georgia Avenues in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the past 42 years.

Ask any Atlantic City Casino President and they'll tell you that Alan has the finest and most elaborate wine list in all of Atlantic City.

Over the years, there have been times when Alan has had more than $ 1 million worth of wine on hand.

The selection is both extraordinary and unprecedented in Atlantic City history.

In addition to having one of the most interesting wine lists with some exceptional values, Angeloni's II does the one thing that all local, street corner Italian restaurants should do; they make your favorites and they are all delicious.

Directly below is just one example:

Its fried eggplant, sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, & julienne roasted red peppers served over baby greens and topped with a balsamic glaze drizzle

Angeloni’s II Restaurant & Lounge - Alan Angeloni.
Angeloni’s II Restaurant & Lounge - Alan Angeloni.

Alan is leaving on the top of his game, as his restaurant is busier than ever, despite closing two days per week.

Arriving at this decision has actually been a progression, as Alan, (for decades) was open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Then, Alan ended his lunch business and focused on dinner only.

Then, of course, there was the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, which initially shut restaurants down, eventually allowing them to open up on a limited basis.

There is no mystery whatsoever about this. Alan has decided that now is the time that he will close his restaurant and retire.

Alan has well-earned it. We’ve been very good friends for well more than 30 years and I can personally attest to Alan’s incredible work ethic.

Let’s close with one house specially dish, to give you an idea of how great a local restaurant Angeloni’s II Restaurant and Lounge really is:

For decades, Angeloni’s II has been known for making the finest Braciole in Atlantic City.

This is an example of the fine quality and attention to detail that Alan has exhibited over more than 4 decades in business.

First, what is Braciola (plural) or Braciole (singular)?

In Italian-American cuisine, It is a thinly sliced meat that is rolled into what is known as a roulade. You will also hear about this wonderful category of food called involtini in Italian.

There are so many variations of this delicacy. It can be made with flank steak (the most often used option), or, other cuts of beef, pork, chicken, or even swordfish.

"We've been making our Braciole for almost 40 years. The difference is that we use veal and not flank steak, which is a tough and inexpensive cut of meat, which is what the old-timers used due to the cost,” said Angeloni.

"Flank steak braciole has to be cooked a very long time to make it tender enough to eat. We take veal and tenderize each piece, then stuff it with only the best sausage, which we think is Botto's sausage. Also, we use 3 different cheeses, Italian seasoning, and garlic,” said Angeloni.

"It is then rolled and tied with string and cooked in our red sauce for a few hours. There you have it. It's then served with rigatoni pasta, in our red sauce and red wine. It's a lot of work, but it's so much enjoyed," said Angeloni.

This dish is going to be sorely missed.

Here's an up-close look at Angeloni's interpretation of Braciole. It looks fabulous.

Alan Angeloni photo.
Alan Angeloni photo.

Angeloni’s II Restaurant and Lounge will close forever at the end of the business, on Sunday, April 30, 2023.

Please join me in wishing Alan Angeloni a very happy and well-deserved retirement.

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