A social media post says a speeding driver killed a goose near the front entrance of a popular animal rescue farm in Atlantic County Saturday evening.

Funny Farm Animal Rescue in Mays Landing posted the news on their Facebook page over the weekend.

Caught on Camera

They say just before 7:30, "a black 4 door car raced down Railroad Blvd and ran over a wild goose just outside the front gate at the Funny Farm. We have the entire thing on camera with a plate number."

Dozens of wild geese often visit the farm and mingle with the animals that reside there.

The posted speed limit on Railroad Blvd. is 25 MPH and the farm has numerous "slow down for our animal friends” signs near its entrance.

"The goose's wife cried"

The farm said the driver didn’t even slow down or stop to see if the goose could be helped or saved.

This goose’s wife cried while he suffered for 5 minutes. Animals know. They feel pain and they surely feel sadness. We try not to focus on horrible things. We try to always have hope. Sometimes people just don’t care. It shows what a person is made of, how they handle terrible situations.

As always, a reminder: slow down, put your phone down, and pay attention while you are driving. That goose could have been a child.

About Funny Farm in Mays Landing, NJ

Funny Farm is a non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary that is home to over 600 unwanted farm animals, domesticated animals, and animals with special needs.

Just about all of the animals roam freely, offering visitors unique, interactive experiences.

Laurie Zaleski and her army of volunteers are often called into action, sometimes with no notice. Such was the case last year when authorities broke up a large cockfighting ring in Buena and the group rescued 150 roosters in one day.

They called that scene the "most horrific and overwhelming experience" they've ever had to handle.

How to Visit and Help Funny Farm

Pig at Funny Farm Rescue in Mays Landing NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman
Pig at Funny Farm Rescue in Mays Landing NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman

While they could easily charge a $10 or $20 admission fee - and it would be money well spent - Funny Farm is free to visit and is open on Tuesdays and Sundays from 8 AM to 4 PM. Donations are accepted both at the farm and via their website.

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