In case you think that the issue of defeating 1,000 feet tall windmill turbines in the Atlantic Ocean has been won … guess, again.

If you want this issue to truly go away … it’s time to once again come together and renew the public campaign to win the day.

Margate, New Jersey residents Margie Reale and Sherri Lilienfeld are leading a Downbeach communities effort to oppose offshore windmill turbines.

Their effort is designed to compliment what the Defend Brigantine Beach, Inc. organization has been doing to help protect the entire Southern New Jersey shore from a potential economic and environmental threat.

“We are looking at ways to inform the public about these pending projects,” said Margie Reale.

Reale is heavily invested in the community, as the owner of Sport Clips Haircuts.

Many people believe the fight is over since Orsted canceled its Ocean Wind 1 and Ocean Wind 2 projects. This is not true. The Atlantic Shores 1 and Atlantic Shores 2 projects are still moving forward, and the NJ Board of Public Utilities just approved two new projects. Additionally, the state of NJ is accepting proposals for new leases and Orsted can sell its leases to another developer, said Reale.

The goal of this new working committee is to create a team “to attend community events like Margate's Cherry Blossom Festival, Beachstock and Margate Fall Funfest to educate our fellow citizens about the ongoing threat. We need help planning, setting up, working and breaking down these events. We also need help with other types of community outreach including: fundraising, community outreach; and accurately educating the public,” said Reale.

If you would like to join the effort, you can contact Margie Reale at:

Reale contends that if this project becomes a reality, it will result in higher energy costs, along with the penalty of ugly windmill turbines that would clutter the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and skyline view.

NOTE: Atlantic City and Longport have not been helpful, as they have instead sided with the state Democratic political potentates … working against the effort to defeat the windmill turbines.

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