Since the numerous criminal charges have been filed against Marty Small, La’Quetta Small and Constance Days-Chapman … the “flood gates” have opened.

People have been reaching out to us to report problems within the Atlantic City, New Jersey public schools system.

We recently confirmed that Days-Chapman had changed the child abuse policy at Atlantic City High School.

The policy changes prevented staff members from directly reporting allegations of child abuse to the New Jersey Department of Child Protective Services (DCP&P).

Instead, Days-Chapman instructed staff members to report such instances to her central office.

When such an instance was brought to Days-Chapman, the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office has charged that Days-Chapman did not report the allegations to DCP&P.

Instead, it is alleged that Days-Chapman went directly to the home of the parents and told them that their child had reported emotional and physical abuse.

DCP&P has confirmed to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office that Days-Chapman did not report the child abuse allegations to them.

DAYS-CHAPMAN is criminally charged with:

  • second-degree Official Misconduct.
  • third-degree Hindering Apprehension of Another.
  • fourth-degree Obstruction of Justice.
  • disorderly persons Failure to Report Child Abuse.

MARTY SMALL is criminally charged with:

  • 2nd degree endangering the welfare of a child.
  • 3rd degree aggravated assault
  • 3rd degree terroristic threats
  • disorderly persons simple assault.

LA'QUETTA SMALL is criminally charged with:

  • 2nd degree endangering the welfare of a child.
  • 3 separate counts of disorderly persons simple assault.

Now, we can confirm that a second Atlantic City public school has also changed its child abuse policy.

Here is a copy of the Chelsea Heights Elementary School policy:

The policy reads:

Suspected cases of child abuse should be reported to the school principal and then to the school nurse to determine further action.

The photo above is taken directly from the Chelsea Heights Elementary School handbook.

It instructs staff members to report instances of child abuse directly to the principal.

We are currently investigating if this is a district-wide policy change.

The present theory about why this change has been put in effect at multiple Atlantic City Public Schools is because of Marty and La’Quetta Small.

The Smalls’ cousin, Kayan Frazier was a substitute teacher within the Atlantic City Public Schools system.

Frazier has previously pled guilty in federal court (February 2021) to:

One (1) count of child exploitation involving sexual abuse and child pornography.

Frazier was sentenced to 20 years, plus one month in federal prison.

Here is Kayan Frazier:

Kayan Frazier (Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office).
Kayan Frazier (Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office).

John Devlin previously told us that when he was President of the Atlantic City Board of Education, he ordered a wide-ranging investigation into Frazier from several fronts.

First, Devlin wanted a thorough investigation into exactly what, where and when Frazier exploited and sexually abused "Minor Child # 1 ... and, to determine if other children were exploited and sexually abused.

Devlin also wanted the investigation to determine exactly how Frazier was able to obtain employment with the state of New Jersey after leaving the substitute teaching position in the unfavorable manner that he did.

Devlin advised that the investigation was short-circuited at the administration/board level and that the firm that was hired to do the work has not been paid for its professional services. To this day the work remains incomplete.

It appears to many as though the child abuse policy changes were implemented at a central district level so that The Smalls’ could directly control what gets reported and what doesn’t.

Now is the time for Governor Phil Murphy, the Commissioner of Education and the Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs to step-in and correct this disturbing situation.

SOURCES: Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office and John Devlin.

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