One of the most popular Shore Towns in New Jersey is off Exit 4 on the Garden State Parkway. The Wildwoods have been a destination town for South Jersey locals and northeastern vacationers for over 120 years.

With their world-famous boardwalk ("Watch the Tramcar Please") and free beaches, The Wildwoods have so much to offer beyond just the summer months. Fun fact: the reason people refer to the South Jersey Coastal Community as "The Wildwoods" is because there are four municipalities that comprise what most call Wildwood:

-North Wildwood
-The City of Wildwood
-West Wildwood
-Wildwood Crest

The Best Pizzerias in The Wildwoods

Since Yelp Users seem to hate New Jersey Pizza, I have been doing my own research for what the best Pizza parlors are in South Jersey. After discovering who has the best pizza in Ocean City and Atlantic City, I wanted to head south and find out who has the best pizza in The Wildwoods.

*Rankings are based on Google Reviews and Google Analytics:

Tonys New York Pizza in Wildwood, New Jersey
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*Tony's New York Pizza (4.8 stars)
One of the newest pizzerias in South Jersey has already become one of the most popular. Bringing New York Style Pizza straight from Brooklyn, this family-owned pizza shop is well-known for their fresh ingredients and good vibes. Google Reviewers call Tony's New York Pizza "Awesome" and "Absolutely the best in Wildwood".

*Crazy Junky (4.6 stars)
Just north of the Wildwood Convention Center on the Boardwalk is Crazy Junky. Formerly the location of Angelo's, this new pizzeria that has been described by Google Reviewers as "high-quality ingredients" and the thin crust pizza is "highly recommended".

*Mack's Pizza (4.5 stars)
One of the most famous pizza parlors in South Jersey, Mack's Pizza has been a favorite for locals and vacationers for over 60 years. With two locations on the Wildwood Boardwalk, one north and one south of Morey's Piers, Mack's Pizza has been described on Google Reviews as "the perfect blend of cheeses with a tasty sauce and thin crust" along with "perfect light crust and homemade sauce"

*Sam's Pizza Palace (4.4 stars)
Almost 70 years ago, Sam's Pizza was one of the first pizzerias to set the standard for Boardwalk Pizza at the Jersey Shore. With a thicker crust and less sweet sauce, Sam's has set itself apart from the other Boardwalk Pizza Shops for decades. Multiple Google Reviews say Sam's Pizza has "very good cheese" and "so delicious".

Poppis Brick Oven Pizza in Wildwood, New Jersey
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*Poppi's Brick Oven Pizza (4.4 stars)
You will find some of the best Brick Oven Pizza in Wildwood at Poppi's on New Jersey Avenue. Even though they have more great food options than just pizza on their menu, Poppi's Pizza is "full of flavor" and offers "great Neapolitan pizza" according to Google Reviews.

Piros Pizza in Wildwood, New Jersey
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*Piro's Pizza (4.4 stars)
This throwback-style pizza parlor located at the corner of Youngs Avenue and New Jersey Avenue is best known for their high-quality crust and fresh cheese pizza pies. Piro's Pizza has been described by Google Reviewers as "Very good", "delicious", and "quality is superb"

*Santucci's Original Square Pizza (4.3 stars)
Located down the street from Gateway 26 on 26th Avenue, Santucci's is well known for their high-quality sauce and unique style of pie. Google Reviewers describe Santucci's Pizza as "very tasty" and "The Dough and sauce combination is fantastic".

Franconi's Pizza on the Wildwood Boardwalk
Photo from The Official Franconi's Pizza Wildwood Facebook Page

*Franconi's Pizza (4.2 stars)
On the Wildwood Boardwalk to the north of Morey's Piers is another popular pizza parlor known for their fast service and large slices. Google Reviewers say Franconi's Pizza has "Delicious sauce" and "One of the best pizzas I ever had".

Hot Spot on the Wildwood Boardwalk
Photo from the Original HOT SPOT #1 Facebook Page

*Hot Spot on Oak (4.2), Hot Spot Cafe: Pizzeria and Restaurant (4.0), Original Hot Spot (4.0)
Three locations on the Wildwood Boardwalk, Hot Spot is one of the old-school boardwalk eateries that has been popular for generations of visitors and locals. Well known for its variety of pizza options and great service, Hot Spot Pizza has been described on Google Reviews as "Very Good" and "Best Pizza On The Boardwalk".

Dolce Italia in North Wildwood, New Jersey
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*Dolce Italia (4.1 stars)
Located on New Jersey Avenue in North Wildwood, Dolce Italia is popular with locals and vacations for their authentic Italian dishes and Sicilian pizza. According to Google Reviewers, Dolce Italia has "Great Pizza" and is described as the "Best Italian pizza outside of Manhattan".

Carini Pizza and Italian Restaurant in Wildwood Crest
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*Carini Pizza and Italian Restaurant (4.1 stars)
A popular and quality Italian Restaurant on Pacific Avenue in Wildwood Crest, Carini Pizza and Italian Restaurant uses top-tier cheeses on their pizzas. Google Reviews describes Carini Pizza as "very good" with "quality ingredients"

Mr. D's Pizzeria in Wildwood, New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

*Mr D's Pizzeria Steaks and Subs (4.0 stars)
Down the street from Rio Grande Avenue in the heart of Wildwood, Mr. D's is well-known for quality pizza and quaint charm. According to Google Reviews, Mr. D's Pizza is "delicious" and "made right".

The Wildwoods are located in Cape May County, the southernmost of New Jersey's 21 Counties.  Here are some of the reasons why I enjoy living in Cape May County for so many years:

10 Favorite Things about Cape May County, NJ

The history of Cape May County predates the formation of the United States of America by about 100 years as it was one of the first counties established in what was originally known as the West New Jersey Provence. Cape May County's historical records go back as far as 1685 and the County was originally established in 1692. Cape May County has been a huge part of my life and that of my family's for decades, so I wanted to share with you my favorite aspects of the southern most County in the state of New Jersey.

Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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