For locals and visitors to the Jersey Shore, one of the highlights is starting your day with a breakfast sandwich and coffee along with a bakery item to satisfy your sweet tooth. One of the popular Cafes in South Jersey will be opening a second location for customers to enjoy while their original spot undergoes renovations.

In just a couple of years, Shorebreak Cafe has become one of the popular spots in downtown Sea Isle City thanks to their freshly baked goods.  When Shorebreak Resorts took ownership of the former LaCosta Bar and Lounge at the corner of JFK Boulevard and Landis Ave, the owners converted the old liquor storefront into this sweet and savory cafe.

Just a few years after opening their original location in the heart of Sea Isle City, Shorebreak Cafe will be opening a second location in the Townsend's Inlet section of the South Jersey Shore Town. This spring, Shorebreak Cafe will be filling the void at 83rd Street and Landis Avenue.

For almost 40 years, Nickelby's Country Store was a staple of the south section of Sea Isle City. Both vacationers and locals enjoyed the bakery and cafe located where Landis Ave splits into a "V" Formation. The building dates back to the 1960's and decades ago a gas station used to be located on the adjacent property.

Executive Pastry Chef and Director Shorebreak Cafe Dana Iannelli talks about opening their second location at a location with so much history and tradition:

"Many of our customers have asked over the last few years if we could open in Townsend Inlet, and Nickleby’s seemed like the perfect spot once it became available. The building has a lot of charm and we thought it would be an amazing opportunity for our brand to breathe new life into the building at this amazing location in Townsend Inlet."

Nickelbys was open for 40 years in Sea Isle City, New Jersey
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For 70 years, Sea Isle City and Townsend's Inlet were two separate communities with their own unique histories since the towns were founded in the late 19th Century. But after the Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962 crushed the island, the communities had to come together and rebuild which led to Townsend's Inlet being absorbed by the Sea Isle City Municipality.

So it would be understandable that a building that dates back to the 1960s would need some upgrades before Shorebreak Cafe has the grand opening of their second location.

"The property redesign in Townsends Inlet will include some facelifts to the exterior of the building and upgraded landscaping" explained Shorebreak Cafe's Dana Iannelli. "The inside will be getting a makeover to incorporate Shorebreak’s colors and create an efficient flow for customers. There is also some redesign being done in the Back of the House so that the kitchen and prep area are large enough to accommodate all of our in-house baking and sandwich preparations."

Shorebreak Cafe original location is closed for renovations in Sea Isle City, New Jersey
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The loyal customers of Shorebreak Cafe will have to travel down to 83rd Street while the original location at 4000 Landis Avenue is closed as part of the Ludlam property renovations. The Ludlam Hotel along with the Shorebreak Cafe plus Ludlam Bar and Grill will all be closed as the section from JFK Boulevard to 40th Street on Landis Avenue undergoes major upgrades.

Chris Glancey, Owner and Developer of Shorebreak Cafe and The Ludlam, details the plans for the property undergoing major renovations that is at the heart of downtown Sea Isle City:

"We look forward to being able to serve our downtown customers again when the Ludlam property is complete. Our plan is to build more hotel rooms for visitors to the island, which is vital for the local businesses. And as we elevate the property in the heart of Sea Isle City, we plan to bring back the Ludlam Bar & Grill and the Shorebreak Cafe to this iconic corner of JFK Boulevard and Landis Avenue."

But thanks to the opening of the second location for Shorebreak Cafe at 8301 Landis Avenue this spring, customers can still make custom orders for birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations starting in May.  Also, they will be selling their freshly made baked goods at the Sea Isle Farmers Market on Tuesdays this Summer at Excursion Park.

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