If you go back 30 years ago, going grocery shopping at a Supermarket was a big deal because they were not as common as they are today. I remember when I was younger it was a big deal when we made a trip to a Supermarket instead of going to a smaller local grocery store.

Today, Supermarkets are everywhere you go, you cannot go anywhere without one being nearby. Numerous towns in New Jersey have multiple Supermarkets within a few miles of each other and everyone has their favorite ones to shop at.

The website Solitaired went through thousands of Google Reviews and Grocery Store Review websites to find out what are the best and worst Supermarket Chains in the United States. On the list of the 10 Worst Major Grocery Store Chains, there are three located in New Jersey:

Save-A-Lot Supermarket in New Jersey
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*Save-A-Lot: 12 Locations in New Jersey, Ranked 2nd Worst Supermarket Chain
The Supermarket equivalent of a Dollar Store, Save-A-Lot is infamous for having numerous knock-off brands on their shelves. Instead of "Dr. Pepper", they sell "Dr. Pop" and they sell Lecour's Finest Cream Betweens instead of Nabisco's Oreos.

There are numerous poor reviews for Save-A-Lot on Google Reviews complaining about poor-quality grocery items and people are unhappy with their customer service.

Walmart Supermarket in New Jersey
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*Walmart: 60 Locations in New Jersey, Ranked 4th Worst Supermarket Chain
The most convenient supermarket is also the most controversial of the major supermarket chain stores. While most of the grocery items and name-brand products are less expensive than other stores, Walmart has received many poor reviews for their Fruits and Vegetables.

Also, their company's generic brand, Great Value, does not consistently offer a quality alternative to the name brands.  So you either compromise quality to save money or you have to buy the name brands.

ACME Supermarket in New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

*ACME: 70 Locations in New Jersey, Ranked 6th Worst Supermarket Chain
Decades ago, ACME was the gold standard of Supermarkets in the Northeast. However, after ownership changed hands multiple times over the last 30 years, the once ultra-popular supermarket had trouble keeping up with its competition.

Today, ACME's prices and grocery options are targeting people in the Upper Middle-Class Economic Bracket while outpricing the working-class customers.  Decades ago, lower to middle-income customers were the staple of their business but not anymore.

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