Whether you are scrambling for dinner, walking off the beach at the Jersey Shore, or craving some Good 'Za, there is nothing better than a quality slice of Pizza.  Once you find a good Pizza Shop, you go back again and again for more because not everyone makes delicious pizza.

Unlike the "haters" at Yelp who dislike New Jersey Pizza, I am a South Philly kid who has now lived in New Jersey for more than half my life.  So I appreciate Good Jersey Pizza and decided to do my own research.  I found out what are the highest rated Pizza Parlors on Google Reviews in South Jersey.

What are the highest Rated Pizzerias in Ocean City, NJ?

*Chelsea Pizza (4.7 Stars)
After 35 years in Atlantic City, Chelsea Pizza moved to Asbury Avenue in Ocean City back in 2022 and they have been receiving high reviews.  Multiple Google Reviewers describe their food as "Amazing" and others say this is "the best-priced pizza on the island".

Roma Pizza on the Ocean City Boardwalk
Photo courtesy of facebook.com/RomaPizzaOCNJ/

*Roma Pizza (4.7 Stars)
Well-known for its high-quality "Red Gravy" (Tomato Sauce), Roma Pizza is one of the favorite Seasonal Pizza Parlors located off 7th Street on the Ocean City Boardwalk. Reviewers describe Roma Pizza as "Delicious" and "the best crust I've ever had".

Three Brothers from Italy Pizza in Ocean City, New Jersey
Photo by Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

*Three Brothers from Italy Pizza (4.5 Stars)
Famous for their super-sized slices, Three Brothers is located between 10th and 11th streets on the Ocean City Boardwalk. Google Reviewers describe their Pizza as "Very high quality" and "Awesome".

Prep's Pizza and Dairy Bar on the Ocean City Boardwalk in South Jersey
Photo courtesy of facebook.com/prepspizza

*Prep's Pizzeria and Dairy Bar (4.5 Stars)
Located near 10th street on the Ocean City Boardwalk, Prep's has been one of the most popular Pizza Spots in Ocean City since first opening in 1965. According to Reviews, Prep's Pizza has some of the best cheese on their pizza in Ocean City, and the "Crispy Crust" is "Delicious".

Mario's Pizza on Bay Avenue in Ocean City, New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

*Mario's Pizzeria and Restaurant (4.4 Stars)
This Italian Restaurant at the corner of 15th Street and Bay Avenue is a popular pizza takeout option in Ocean City, Google Reviewers describe Mario's Pizza as "Outstanding" and "Delicious" with "Perfect Crust".

Three locations of Manco and Manco Pizza on the Ocean City Boardwalk in South Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

*Manco and Manco Pizza (4.4 Stars)
Open year-round at 9th Street and their two other Boardwalk locations open during the Summer months, Manco and Manco Pizza is synonymous with Ocean City.  According to Reviewers, Manco's Pizza is "Great" and "Unique Crust is delicious".

Express Pizza located on Battersea Road in Ocean City, NJ
Photo from Google Maps

*Express Pizza (4.3 Stars)
Located on Battersea Road, the northernmost Pizza Parlor on the island has been serving Pizza for over 30 years. Google Reviewers say Express Pizza has a "Good Crust" but there is no consensus about the cheese quality on their Pizza Pies.

6th Street Pizza in Ocean City, New Jersey
Photo courtesy of instagram.com/6thstreetpizza

*6th Street Pizza and Grill (4.3 Stars)
Right on the Ocean City Boardwalk next to Gillian's Wonderland Pier, this Pizza Shop has been gaining popularity in recent years. Reviewers are bigger fans of 6th Street's Pizza than some of their other menu items, describing the Pizza as "Delicious" and "Excellent".

Randazzo's Pizza on 34th Street in Ocean City, New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

*Randazzo's Pizza and Family Restaurant (4.3 Stars)
The southernmost Pizza Shop in Ocean City, Randazzo's is located at 34th Street and Asbury Avenue. According to Google Reviews, Randazzo's Meat Lovers Pizza is "Delicious" and the Cheese Pizza has "great flavor".

Piccini Pizza on West Avenue in Ocean City, New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

*Piccini Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza (4.2 Stars)
To be fair to this classic Brick Over Pizza Parlor, most of the subpar/negative reviews are because of wait times and the business accepting Cash Only for in-restaurant payments. But the positive Google Reviewers describe Piccini's Pizza ingredients are "Fresh" and the pizza is "Awesome".

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