First a disclaimer, my family and I owned property on Long Beach Island for many years.

We lived in Beach Haven full-time for close to seven years.

Superstorm Sandy forced us, like so many others, to give up our properties.

Since we moved, it's been painful to go back and visit.  When I talk to others, many share the same pain.

The charm of the island is gone.  Many of the families who had properties for generations were forced out after Sandy.

Many of the old homes have been rebuilt into mansions.

A lot of people now refer to the island as the Hamptons South.

Huge motels have popped up and getting from point A to point B in the summer is more of a challenge than ever.

Now comes word that a significant landmark is up for sale.

According to a listing featured on, Schooner's Wharf is for sale.

Schooner's Wharf is a place where visitors congregate and shop in kitschy stores, restaurants, and of course funnel cake, fried Oreos, and more.

The property is listed for a whopping 15 million dollars.

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It's a huge property next to Fantasy Island.  Its size and location make it a prime opportunity for developers.

The fear of visitors and locals alike is that someone will come in and redevelop the property into condos.

Raymonde Perry, commenting on the LBI Source Facebook page, seemed to sum up popular opinion,  "The township of Beach Haven and the powers that be on LBI need to protect this location. This spot has a history and is a vital part of the fabric of LBI. Maybe the Historical Society can flag it as a historical landmark? Please, please, please don’t allow residential condos to be built here."

No doubt, this is just the beginning of what's sure to be a hot topic for some time.

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