A new policy at the Deptford Mall requires teens to have adult chaperones on weekend evenings.

Teens Must Have an Adult Escort on Weekend Nights at Deptford Mall

The Deptford Mall in Gloucester County has instituted a new policy requiring teens under 18 to be accompanied by a parent or a supervising adult Friday through Sunday evenings after 5 pm. The teens must remain under the supervision of their parents or supervising adults.

Deptford Township Police Posted the New Teen Policy

Deptford Township Police have posted on Facebook a new six-item policy concerning teens in the Deptford Mall called the "Parental Escort Policy", and said that it would be strictly enforced.

Other parts of the policy stipulate that unsupervised teens will have to leave the mall at 5 pm on weekends and proof of age may be required.

One parent will be able to escort all of his or her children. A guardian over age 25 may escort up to 4 teens. The adults will be responsible for the teens.

The Policy Applies to the Mall's Common Areas

According to the policy, the new policy will specifically apply to the Deptford Mall's common areas. Stores and restaurants with their own exterior entrances will control their policies concerning teens.

Other Area Shopping Centers Are Also Restricting Teens

The policy comes after a summer when Sea Isle City and Ocean City enforced curfews on teens and restricted when people could wear backpacks on the boardwalks.

Other area malls and shopping complexes have also begun restricting teens, including Fashion District Philadelphia and -- at times -- the Cherry Hill Mall during the Christmas Season, according to Philllyvoice.com.

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