The Ocean City Council will decide if the time has come to replace the landmark black post-clock at 9th and the boardwalk at tonight's scheduled meeting.

The clock, adjacent to Manco & Manco Pizza, has been keeping time on the boardwalk for almost 25 years, but it may be running out of time. reports that Steve Mango, the person in charge of Ocean City's buildings and grounds and, apparently, clocks, thinks the clock has seen better days.

“The existing clock dates back to 1999 from a purchase standpoint and at this point is beyond the useful life cycle and in disrepair. In addition to the functional issues, there are also appearance issues with the clock,” Mango wrote in a memo addressing the clock.

The memo also says the issue of the unreliable timepiece will be on the docket for Thursday's City Council meeting. The estimated replacement cost is over $30,000, according to the memo.

The city has already determined that the Cincinnati, Ohio clock company that installed the existing clock will be awarded the job of clock replacement if the measure passes tonight.

Verdin Bells and Clocks has been making post-clocks for over 180 years, according to its website.

We are privileged to have worked with so many churches, cities and towns, colleges and universities, golf courses, architects, and donors since our founding in Cincinnati in 1842.

It seems as though that old saying, "Even a stopped clock is right twice a day", may not be enough to save the existing Ocean Cty Boardwalk clock.

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