We were super excited to meet Ariel the River Otter back in early spring at the Cape May Zoo. Well, Ariel and her exhibit mate Mork were able to say "hi," and now they're saying "bye" for a short while.

Don't worry, though. They won't be gone for too long.

If you were planning to take a trip to the Cape May Zoo over the next couple of days, you'll notice that you won't have access to the river otter enclosure. The exhibit won't be accessible by the public for the foreseeable future due to maintenance.

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The zoo shared the update to their Facebook page earlier this week but did let visitors know that the otters will be back with plenty of time for you and your family to view them this summer. As a matter of fact, that's why they're working on the otter exhibit now.

As you know, otters love to swim. It's one of the things they do best. So, Ariel and Mort will be cared for by the zookeepers away from the public so their pool can undergo some repair work. They'll be ready to swim around for guests sooner rather than later.

Obviously, their adoring public excitedly awaits their return. They're both just so darn cute! The folks at the zoo said we might even be able to see them again as early as next week! Here's to hoping everything goes well with the pool repairs!

Check out the update the Cape May Zoo posted via Facebook below:

Source: Facebook

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