In case you didn't know, a lot of New Jersey schools now have a "Fall Recess Week" - which is this week.

Fro some districts, the annual teacher's convention long weekend is now a whole week.

Why not?

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What to do with your kids during fall recess week.


Eddie Davis
Eddie Davis

If you're looking for something to do this week, to keep the kids busy (and you sane), a trip to the Atlantic City Indoor Water Park might be a good bet.

The park, Island Water Park at Showboat, opened earlier this year, and bills itself "the largest indoor oceanfront water park in the world."

Prices have dropped at the water park for recess week.

Eddie Davis
Eddie Davis

For this week, prices for Island Water Park have dropped to $39 a person. That's a pretty big savings.  For comparison, prices during Thanksgiving week are set at $138 a person.

The park is usually closed Tuesday through Thursday, but it's open all this week.

Have you been there yet?

SOURCE: Island Water Park at Showboat.

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