Happy opening day, Phillies fans!

One of the best summer activities you can do is head to the ballpark to catch the best team in action. There's just something about summer nights at Citizens Bank Park. The lights, the smells, and obviously cheering on our beloved Philadelphia Phillies -- what could be better?

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It's no secret that Philly sports fans are known for their unfailing loyalty. What they may be known for even more, however, is their wild antics. Contribute that to team loyalty, passion, or genuine love for the City of Brotherly Love if you want to, but apparently, the behavior is off-putting for a lot of fans looking to come enjoy a game in Philly only to have less than great of a time because of the taunting displayed by fans of the home team.


MLB's worst fanbase

A survey named Phillies fans the 2nd worst fan base in the entire MLB. That's unfortunate news to hear as someone who is a fan of all Philly sports, but the survey has pretty solid statistics to back up the claim.

The survey comes from the folks at Crestline who questioned 1,000 baseball fans about their opinions of various teams, players, and fans of the different clubs. As you can imagine, Philly didn't fair so well.


People HATE Phillies fans

The survey determined that Phillies fans were ranked 2nd for worst behaved in the league, 5th for most annoying in the league, and 5th most likely to complain about the rules changes for the upcoming season. Not a good look.

To make matters worse for us, Outfielder Bryce Harper was named everybody's 2nd most annoying player. The only player voted more annoying than him was Jose Altuve from the Houston Astros.

So, is there any possible way to turn this around? Maybe, this should be the year that we as Phillies fans decide to prove everybody wrong. Think we can do it? Probably not. Even I have to admit, we are a tad bit rowdy.

Still, former Eagles player Jason Kelce said it best, "no one likes us, we don't care!"


GO PHIGHTIN'S! P.S.: Some pro-tips if you're attending any games this year:

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