Let me be the first one to declare that if there's anybody that has a right to comment on baby names, it's me. No, I don't have children. What I do have, though, qualifies me infinitely more to speak about this topic.

I have a weird name.

Don't get me wrong, it's an AWESOME name, but it's definitely one not heard of too often. It's Jahna, but not pronounced like "John-uh." It's with a soft "J". It's pronounced like "genre," but without the "r".

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The uniqueness doesn't stop there. My middle name is different, too. To be honest, my first, middle, and last names are all pretty original. Did I hate it when I was little? Absolutely. Did I want to change me name a million times? Sure did. Now, I wouldn't change my name for anything.

I've realized that having a unique name actually made me appreciate my entire individuality as a person a lot earlier than most people. You realize from a young age that people are different, and that's a beautiful thing. That's why choosing a name for your child is SO important. It establishes their identity.


Popular baby names

Choosing your child's name is one of the most important step soon-to-be parents have to complete. It can be a daunting task. With so many to choose from, many pending parents find themselves overwhelmed by the process.

A recent survey has determined the most Googled baby names in New Jersey. If you're thinking the number one name is something super Italian sounding, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.

Most popular baby girl names

The folks over at Betway analyzed TONS of data from Google to determine the most popular baby names in the United States.

Top 5 girl names in the US overall

RankNameAvg Search Trend#1 Choice in States

None of these names, however, were the one most researched by NJ residents. The most popular baby girl name people Googled in New Jersey was actually Elizabeth.

Are you surprised?


Most popular baby boy names

When it comes to names for baby boys, you're probably thinking of Michael, Liam, Oliver, and Christopher. Well, two of those made the list of most Googled baby boy names. Not all four of them, though.

Top 5 boy names in the US overall

RankNameAvg Search Trend#1 Choice in States

Just like with the girls, New Jersey's most Googled baby name doesn't make the national list, either. Parents most researched the name Benjamin for baby boy in the Garden State.

The results showed that, for female names, Scarlett came out on top overall with a score of 85 and the top choice in a whopping 33 states! For the males, Jack was the most popular name choice with average Google trend search of 76 and the most favorite across 14 states.

Are there any baby names you're surprised didn't make either of the lists?

Here are the names losing popularity in 2024:

Baby Names Losing Popularity In 2024

Baby Names Going Extinct In 2024

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Top 10 Disney-Inspired Baby Names

Below, discover the 10 most popular baby names inspired by beloved Disney characters.

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