A 32-year-old Millville man, who was stabbed in an altercation at a local bar, was hospitalized for treatment, and then, upon his release, was taken to jail on gun charges.

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The incident happened in Buena on January 7th

Franklin Township (Gloucester County) Police have released details of the incident, including a photo of someone they would like to talk to about the stabbing.

Police say they were called out just after 12:30 am to L's Central Jersey Station Bar and Restaurant for a report of a shooting.

When they arrived, police determined that a fight had taken place and an unknown man had been stabbed. They also found out that the man who was stabbed left the bar to a car outside, where he retrieved a gun and then returned to the bar.

Police have not determined if any shots were fired inside the bar.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Police locate stabbing victim at local hospital

Police later located the stabbing victim at Inspira Hospital in Vineland. They have not released his name.

The 32-year-old man has been charged with several weapons offenses and was taken to the Atlantic County Jail to await a court appearance.

Police release photo of person of interest

Franklin Township Police Department
Franklin Township Police Department

Franklin Township Police have not named the person in the photo a suspect, but do say they want to question him.

If you can help police, you're urged to call 856-694-1415, extension 209.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, and additional charges against other in the bar are pending.

SOURCE: Franklin Township (Gloucester County) Police Department.

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