🔔 A bell that's over 100 years old

⛟⛟ A trailer

🎃 A giant pumpkin display

These are three of the items that have been swiped out of the yards of various South Jersey residents within the last week alone. Sure, you hear about an increase in theft around the holidays, but this is getting out of control.

What gives?

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First, the Pleasantville Fire Department revealed that their bell was stolen from behind the firehouse. This thing is over 100 years old. Its age is beside the point, though. What purpose does the bell serve anyone else? Unless you're going to scrap the thing for money, which is absolutely deplorable, by the way, then there's no reason to hold onto it when it holds so much sentimental value for the folks at the department. It was around back in the first place because they were gearing up to use it for a memorial. How cruel are you to take something so special away from them??

Pleasantville Fire Department via Facebook/Canva
Pleasantville Fire Department via Facebook/Canva

Then, we hear about the giant pumpkin that was swiped from the front of a realty office in Cape May. Seriously? Are you so unoriginal that you can't come up with your own Halloween display for your home? Pretty pathetic, wouldn't you agree?

Desatnick Real Estate/Facebook/Screenshots
Desatnick Real Estate/Facebook/Screenshots

Now, a Smithville resident shared a picture of his trailer that was taken from his driveway overnight. A whole trailer! After speaking to the resident, we know it's a 92" Load Rite that has grates on the sides. Note that the wheel fenders have holes in them. On one wheel, the rim is brand new. The other is rusty silver. The trailer has roof debris and a blue tarp on top of it. Remember those tidbits, should you see one that matches the description.

c/o of SushiDon via Facebook
c/o of SushiDon via Facebook

You have to wonder why so many people are choosing to arm themselves with surveillance cameras these days, right? It's not because they're paranoid! It's because they hear stories like this and want to make sure they're not next. What ever happened to morals, people?!

If you took these items from these people, please give them back. Honestly, it's ridiculous that we even have to have this conversation. So much for doing what's right these days, huh?

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