The Atlantic City area has plenty of "different" things that you won't find anywhere else.

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Atlantic City is one of a kind

An example: On the Atlantic City Boardwalk, you can be "crowned" Miss America, thanks to a statue of Bert Parks.

We've put together a short, 5 question quiz.


Here are the questions

We'll ask you the questions. The answers are below. Good luck!

1. What Atlantic City area town boasts a small cemetery right in the middle of a roadway?

2. Where can you see one of singer Frank Sinatra's used towel?

3. In what city will you find an elephant that you can literally climb inside?

4. Where would you find a plaque that says, "On this site in 1897, nothing happened."

5. Where would you find a "full size" California Raisin?"

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Here are the answers

1. Northfield, New Jersey has some former residents buried in a traffic circle! Jeremiah Leeds and some family members are buried in the middle of Oxford Circle, off Mill Road.

2. White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City has evidence of many celebrity customers - including Frank Sinatra. There's a display of a towel said to have been used by Sinatra in one of the last Atlantic City shows.

(How does it feel to eat under an old sweaty towel?)

3. Lucy the Elephant - the world's biggest elephant - protects the beach from the shore of Margate, New Jersey.

4. The plague reading, "On this site in 1897, nothing happened" can be found in the entrance to Doc's Oyster House, the legendary Atlantic City restaurant.

5. The California Raisin greets visitors to Little's Dairy Bar on Zion Road in Egg Harbor Township.


How did you do?

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