How many times have you actually given any thought to the light on your porch shining brightly at nighttime? My guess is probably never, right?

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You've heard of shining the pink bulbs during breast cancer awareness month, but did you know that shining a green porch light means something, too? In my opinion, it's about time those of us that support our troops here in the Garden State take note of this.

Green Porch Lights

Apparently, green porch lights are used as a sign that you're in support of the men and women currently serving the United States military. It doesn't matter what branch. Switching out your porch light in favor of a green bulb signals to all of your friends and neighbors that you care about the men and women in uniform serving our country.

For many here in the Garden State, they're currently mourning the death of country legend Toby Keith. He was a HUGE supporter of the US military.

Some have surmised that one of the best ways to pay him homage is to honor a cause that was so near and dear to his heart for the majority of his career. Paying tribute to the US military is certainly one way to do it.

While there isn't an official nationwide campaign or organization associated with green porch lights for the military, it's not uncommon for individuals or communities to adopt this specific gesture to show their solidarity.

Plenty of reasons to support the military in New Jersey

For those of us here in South Jersey, I'd say it's a way to show support to our friends and neighbors in the Coast Guard down in Cape May, the airman (and women) over at the 177th Fighter Wing and Egg Harbor Township, AND those currently stationed at Fort Dix.

You can likely find green light bulbs at many hardware stores or even online at Amazon. It may seem like a small gesture, but for those that know what it means, it can really go a long way in making them feel your love and support.

God Bless America 🇺🇸

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