You've heard one stereotype, you've heard them all.

New Jersey is one of the most hated states in America.

Apparently, Google thinks so, too.

New Jersey residents aren't ignorant to the fact that when it comes to state heirarchy here in the US, the Garden State is usually nowhere near the top of majority people's lists. People love to hate New Jersey. That's no secret. Hasn't been for quite some time.

The stereotypes don't bother us. When it starts to morph into accepted fact instead of just funny jokes, that's when residents start to get offended.

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Apparently, even Google isn't the biggest fan of the Garden State these days.

Google search engine on smartphone
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Google autocomplete's America's state sentences

A map has been published that demonstrates Google's autocompleted answers about every single state in all of America. Somebody typed "Why is [state] so ______?" and watched what the search engine had to say.

For example, when asked "why is Delaware so...?," it filled in that blank with "boring." Funny enough, sure. People always make jokes about how there's nothing going on in Delaware.

When it came to New Jersey, however, it's hard not to be offended when you have so much love for the Garden State

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Google reveals true feelings about New Jersey

When asked "Why is New Jersey so.....," the word Google autofilled was "bad." "Why is New Jersey so bad?"

Is New Jersey really such an awful place? Sure, it's really expensive and it does have it's fair share of towns that wouldn't be considered the best places to raise a family, but NJ is so much more than that!

Randal Olson via
Randal Olson via

We've got mountains, beaches, and some of the best food you'll taste anywhere in the country. Not to mention, you're never too far from a big city!

C'mon, New Jersey's not that bad, right?

South Jersey is the region of NJ that can't be compared to the rest of the state:

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