There are no shortage of delicious eateries here in the South Jersey region, that's for sure. Whatever cuisine you're in the mood for, I can guarantee you you'll find it somewhere here in Atlantic County.

You can't go wrong with some good ole' homemade diner style. I LOVE a good mom-and-pop place where you know all the food is made with love. That's what can be said about two of South Jersey's most confused restaurants in Atlantic County.

The comment section of a recent Facebook post in a locally-based group in Egg Harbor Township has made it perfectly clear that people can't stop mixing up The Spot in Northfield with the Local's Spot in Egg Harbor Township.

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I've eaten at both and have nothing bad to say about either place.

Still, when it comes to their names, it's not hard to figure out why people refer to both places as "The Spot."

The real restaurant called The Spot is located right off of Tilton Road in Northfield near the Tilton Square Theater. Known for their refreshing drinks and yummy lunch wraps, The Spot is a great place for lunch if you work close by. Don't forget to ask them about their soups.

In contrast, the Local's Spot is ran by completely different owners and is up a ways off of English Creek Avenue and the Black Horse Pike. You'll find it in the English Creek Shopping Center near ShopRite. No matter what meal you're looking for, the Local's Spot has it. People LOVE the place for breakfast. Also, it's important to note that they have plenty of vegan options, too. You'll read that in a lot of this place's comments on Yelp.

To read what the locals have to say about both The Spot in Northfield and the Local's Spot in Egg Harbor Township, click HERE.

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