And you thought your do was curious.

A South Jersey dog somehow managed to get his head stuck in a tire - rim and all.

Dog stuck in Franklinville NJ
Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company

Dog gets head stuck in wheel

In Franklinville, a dog named Daisy somehow managed to get her head stuck inside the rim of a tire.

Thanks to the efforts of Franklinville firefighters and police, the dog was freed and is safe and sound, waiting for the next predicament to get herself into.

According to the Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company, first responders on the scene tried to free Daisy with soap and water. That didn't work.

Frnaklinville, NJ
Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company

Firefighters free dog with plasma cutters

Firefighters had to bring out the big guns - freeing the dog with a plasma cutter.

Lt. Brandon Volpe stepped up and used his own plasma cutter.

(A plasma cutter can cut through steel, aluminum, brass, copper - almost anything.)

The report says Daisy was not injured and is doing well.

Dog Stuck
Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company
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Thank your first responders

It certainly was not the typical call for the Franklin Volunteer Fire Company! Kudos to them and to the local police department.

Now would be an excellent time to mention that the Franklin Volunteer Fire Company is looking for new members to join their ranks. Find out more on their Facebook page.

SOURCE: Frankin Volunteer Fire Company

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