Atlantic City streets going viral out here on TikTok, ya'll!

The popular video app has been where singer Walker Hayes has been able to make quite a name for himself. The "Fancy Like" singer began recording dance videos with his family on the app during the pandemic. Thanks to the dance they created for that song, he's now a HUGE star.

Everybody was doing the "Fancy Like" dance on TikTok. Hayes has since amassed a following with a number in the multimillions and it is growing by the day. He and his family haven't stopped performing, either.

Since "Fancy Like" went viral, Walker Hayes has had two more hits, "AA" and "Ya'll Life." Of course, he and his kids are still making plenty of TikTok videos to keep their followers entertained. They record them everywhere, from TopGolf to Five Below, the Hayes family are quick with the moves whenever and wherever the inspiration strikes.

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Their latest video, which has since been seen almost half a million times so far, was recorded right here in South Jersey, on the streets of Atlantic City. After speaking with him after his show on Friday, April 28th at the Hard Rock Casino's Etess Arena, we know that he arrived to Atlantic City around six that morning. It was a bit after the family woke up that he and his eldest daughter, Lela, took to the streets to record their latest video.

He and his family were also able to spend some time on the beach. Even though they didn't arrive in Atlantic City on a nice and sunny day perfect for frolicking in the sand, they made the best of it.

Walker Hayes Instagram
Walker Hayes Instagram

Keep up with Walker Hayes and his family HERE.

Sources: TikTok, Instagram

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