Who doesn't like pizza?

A recent survey found 21% of Americans say pizza is their favorite food.

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New Jersey's Favorite Pizza

The folks at LoveFood did some research and they say the best pizza in New Jersey can be found in Princeton - at Pizza Den. In addition to classic pizza, Pizza Den frequently offers "trending pizza" like the Buffalo Soldier, which comes with grilled chicken, buffalo sauce and blue cheese. You can check out their menu here. I'm intrigued by the Mustard Pie - which includes spicy brown mustard, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Other interesting names of their selections include the Hooked on Honey Pie, the Meat Meat Meat Pie, The Greek, and the Beach in Hawaii Pie.

Best Pizza in Philly

LoveFood actually picked the best pizza in each state. The choice for Pennsylvania was a place in Philadelphia - Pizzeria Beddia.

Here's what LoveFood has to say about Pizzeria Beddia: "At this unassuming-looking spot, it's all about simple, classic ingredients, executed to perfection. There are five pizzas on the menu, plus regular specials such as corn pizza."

There really are just five pizzas listed on their menu! Have you ever had potato on your pizza? That sounds interesting, right?

Pizza Trivia

You'll find a whopping 72 pizza trivia questions at dogtownpizza.com.

*93% of Americans enjoy pizza once a month.

*The most expensive pizza in the world costs $12,000!

*The most popular pizza topping in the United States is pepperoni.

*Sausage is the second most popular topping in the US.

*About 36% of Americans admit they eat pizza for breakfast. (What's wrong with the rest of you?)

SOURCES: LoveFood.com, PizzaDenPrinceton.com, PizzeriaBeddia.com, and dogtownpizza.com.

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