It's just crazy to think of the changes that have happened in Toms River.

Ocean County and Toms River has changed since I started working at 92.7 WOBM 20 years ago. The construction and the traffic has really gotten worse. Let alone all of the places we loved that are no longer there. From stores to restaurants, they've closed down, moved, or went bankrupt.

This very cool photo gallery is showing the places that were there then and what is there now. Wow, some I totally forgot about and some I'll never forget.

Remember Wolfie's on Rt. 37, now it's Burger 25. I'll never forget Wolfie's, we had a morning show there for my daughter Abby's baby shower. It was an after she was born party. I brought Abs to the party and so many wonderful listeners met her for the very first time. She is now 17. Time flies. Don't get me wrong, Burger 25 is pretty delicious, also.

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Wow, remember the Old Town Tavern, now it's Chase Bank. That whole ShopRite plaza on Rt. 37, I remember when it wasn't there. It's just so crazy.

I love these pictures, do you remember when? Do you remember these pictures of before and after? Cheers for Toms River 1998 Little League Champs, remember that?

Rather recent the Loew's AMC Movie Theater closed town, but that construction went up quick next to it. Remember the billiard hall and Pathmark, I love going down memory lane.

What do you remember in Toms River? Wow I love these memories, check out the then and now pictures in TR.

Toms River Then and Now

What did Toms River look like over a decade ago compared to now?

Gallery Credit: Sue Moll

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