It is one of the most fun places we go to in Ocean County.

It's a place to keep cool in the summertime and a great day out on the island.

When I say Lazy Crazy River, Cowbunga Kids, and Rainbow Rapids, where and what am I talking about? It's pure fun, not such a big place, and a perfect place for families on a hot day at the Jersey Shore.

Rayes, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Rayes, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

If you're from Ocean County and know the waterparks at the Jersey Shore, you know about this hidden gem. Yes, a hidden gem in New Jersey, according to

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This hidden gem and recently I found out this is the longs running waterpark in America, Thundering Surf Waterpark in Beach Haven. I remember when Abby was little, we would go to this waterpark because it's perfect for families. It's a little smaller than some of the other bigger waterparks in the state and I always felt she was safe.

Thundering Surf Waterpark began in 1977 with four concrete waterslides, according to their website. WOW, they have grown since then. It doesn't matter how old you are, you will have fun at this waterpark.

My favorite is the lazy river. It's an excellent lazy river, a perfect way to cool down on a hot day at the Shore. If you like to just relax, hanging in one of their incredible cabanas is a great way to cool down and like I said, relax.

It's the perfect place for families on LBI.

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