It's a new year and maybe you have new adventures to experience by traveling around America and when you are on the road you want to stay in cool new places that bring a little extra to the table. Classic Bed and Breakfast is a great way to find something special when you are traveling and Mediafeed put together a list of the best in America.


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I typically love staying at a Bed & Breakfast. They usually are homes with character and maybe even some history surrounding them and they usually have great food. So it's a win-win when it comes to staying at a nice bed and breakfast.



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According to Mediafeed, "This charming bed and breakfast sits high above the Delaware River. The Victorian-era home has six cozy rooms furnished with antiques — make sure to check out the original artwork depicting Chestnut Hill’s history."


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From the looks of Chesnut Hill on the Delaware, this is a beautiful section in Hunterdon County in Milford, New Jersey. As the name says, it is right on the Delaware River and it looks beautiful. Check out their website for more details. Have you stayed at Chesnut Hill on the Delaware? If you have, give us your review and post your comments below. According to the owners "Chestnut Hill, was built in 1860 by Wilson Thomas for his bride Lizzie. We have the privilege of being only the third family to live here."


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