Maybe the best name of a restaurant in New Jersey! This German Restaurant not only has the best food, but the name is great. The Best of the Wurst! If you don't get it, well "wurst" is German for "sausage", now you get it!


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Cheapism did an article featuring the best German restaurants in America and the "Best of the Wurst" in Riverside was chosen as the top spot in the Garden State. I love German food and always love October because it seems the best of German food gets highlighted at various restaurants around the state for "Octoberfest".


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What is the most popular German food?

According to, these are the Top 5







German Food Mark König


 Where Can You Find The Best German Food In New Jersey?

According to Cheapism the best German restaurant is located in Riverside in Burlington County, "Best of the Wurst offers great views and a large selection of German wursts, though it’s not the most authentic of German eateries. Customers can order soft shell po’boys and all-American cheeseburgers along with old-world dishes like Polish pierogies and rouladen."


Octoberfest Markus Spiske


So where would you recommend for great German food here in the Garden State? Is there a restaurant that you feel has the best German treats? Have you dined at the "Best of the Wurst"? Is it the very best? Give us your review and post your comments below. By the way, don't forget the Black Forest Cake!


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