A sure sign that summer is coming is when you see the root beer flowing at Stewart's Root Beer on Route 9 in Tuckerton next to the historic Tuckerton Seaport. The orange and white checkered signs at Stewart's will grab your attention so you can enjoy some of the best root beer anywhere. Is it just me or is the frosty mug of Stewart's root beer one of the best anywhere? It has to be in their glass mug too!


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Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



It is less than two weeks until Stewart's in Tuckerton opens and it's always a big draw for what may be one of the only waterfront root beer stands in America! Don't quote me but it is quite unique that you can drive your boat up to this Stewart's Root Beer that's on the water next to the historic Tuckerton Seaport.


Root Beer
Unsplash.com Patrick Fore


A little history about Stewart's Root Beer:

According to Wikipedia, "Stewart's are nostalgic "old fashioned" fountain sodas, having originated at the Stewart's Restaurants, a chain of root beer stands started in 1924 by Frank Stewart in Mansfield, Ohio. In 1990, the bottling rights to Stewart's were acquired by the Cable Car Beverage Corporation."

What is your favorite flavor Stewart's soda? I'll go with the traditional "root beer".


Google Maps
Google Maps


The Tuckerton Stewart's on Route 9 will open for the season on Monday, April 1st Featuring Okie Burgers From Okie's Butcher Shop in Ship Bottom NJ

Entertainment starts at 4:00 pm with Michael Corliss let’s start this Season right!


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