Would You Stay In A Haunted Bed & Breakfast?

So this looks like an interesting place to stay! It's a bed and breakfast that's located in Frenchtown, New Jersey. This Hunterdon County town has a bed and breakfast that may have some extra guests that you may or may not be able to see. We are talking about the 143-year-old Widow McCrea House, an allegedly haunted spot in New Jersey. This B&B was built in 1878. According to an article from Only In Your State, "It's a pretty unusual ghost, though. No, it's not a ghostly little girl or a shadowy man. Instead, The Widow McCrea House has a ghost cat prowling the hallways. People have reported hearing ghostly meows, feeling a cat sit on them or their bed when literally nothing is around, and hearing a cat moving around the hallways."


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I enjoy bed and breakfast inns because they have history attached to them. Usually, a B&B is an older home that has some history attached to it. As you tour the home you see these large dwellings are old and probably have a few stories or two.



According to their website the Widow McCrea House features "a private cottage, gardens and patio. spacious suites and three elegant guest rooms. Fine period antiques, fireplaces, Jacuzzis, queen-size featherbeds, and private baths throughout."



Widow McCrea House
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So what do you think? If you heard a B&B might have ghosts would you stay there? Would it possibly make it more attractive? Let us know how you feel. Have you stayed at the Widow McCrea House? Have anything "spooky" to report? Post your comments below, if you dare! lol


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