So ever wonder how popular going out to eat is on Valentine's Day? Is it more than just a symbolic thing? According to the Huffington Post, "A quarter of Americans eat out, making it the second most popular dining holiday of the year after Mother's Day. If you make a reservation at least 11 days in advance, you're far more likely to get seated." So now that you know, it just makes sense when to consider going out to dinner this Valentine's Day.


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In a recent Patch article, they pointed out a survey done by Open Table, that highlighted the most romantic restaurants in America. "One thing to keep in mind: Reservations book up quickly, with about half gone two weeks before Valentine’s Day, according to OpenTable."


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So the 5 most romantic restaurants in New Jersey, according to Open Table:

New Jersey


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Have you been to any of the Top 5 in New Jersey? If so which was your favorite? Do you have a "romantic" restaurant you think should be on this list but isn't? Give us your suggestions and recommendations so we can check these great restaurants out ourselves. If you do decide to go out for dinner on Valentine's Day be sure to have a wonderful time and enjoy and watch out for Cupid's arrow, he may be shooting your way!


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