Think about all the money you would save on your summer vacation if you could eliminate the cost of your flight.

All that extra money to put toward having fun on your trip and not just getting there and back.

Plane tickets are expensive. I was recently looking up flights out west and they were ridiculously expensive. It made the trip completely undoable.

A vacation can turn into a staycation because of the cost of plane tickets.

Even when you fly on a more budget-friendly airline it still adds up, but how about flying for free?

Yes, free!

I know what you're thinking, nothing is for free, but Frontier Airlines is giving away free flights.

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So what is this all about? Frontier Airlines "Family Summer Getaway" online sweepstakes and you can enter to win free flights for an entire year.

Frontier Airlines "Family Summer Getaway"

One family will win flights for an entire year and 100 families will win 4 roundtrip flights with 42 non-stop destinations to choose from.

The lucky winner could be you!  You can fill out the online registration form right here.

You have until Tuesday, July 2nd to register and the lucky winners will be notified on Friday, July 12th.

A vacation sounds pretty good right about now and free flights for the family for an entire year sounds even better.

Maybe one of the lucky winners will be from New Jersey!

Good luck!

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