The thought of retiring may be a daunting one, especially when you're considering spending your golden years in the Garden State.

I'm many decades away from retirement, and I'm already nervous about how I'm going to be able to stay afloat living in Jersey after my working years have come and gone.

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That being said, there are some advantages to living near the Shore when you finally decide to spend your days painting fruit and playing golf.

For example, Ocean County is home to several 55-plus communities that offer amenities and affordable housing.

You can keep your independence and be surrounded by community.

Another plus is of course your proximity to your choice of beaches.

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From Seaside to Point, to Asbury to LBI, and of course, all the little towns that overlook the Barnegat Bay, retiring in Jersey can be a pretty enticing thought.

Two Jersey Shore Towns Ranked Among The Best Places In The USA To Retire

These are both towns on the mainland too, not beach towns which was pretty surprising.

According to APP, Red Bank in Monmouth County is the first town that you'll want to look into retiring to if you want to stay in Jersey.

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Due to its great sense of community, access to New York, great nightlife, and theatres and excursions you can take it's a no-brainer that Red Bank is a great place to retire to.

That being said, it's by no means cheap both from a housing standpoint and a cost of living standpoint.

Your other option would be to retire to Toms River!

APP reports that Toms River made one of the top slots for best places in the USA to retire.

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It's close to beaches, and medical centers, has a lot to do in terms of food, entertainment, and relaxation, and is still mildly affordable. Emphasis on mildly!

Between you and I, there's nowhere else I'd rather live than near the Jersey Shore, but if you are looking to move to Jersey these are also some, and affordable, places to live.

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