We have a lot of exciting things to entertain us in Jersey.

We've got the shore, we've got Jets games and Giants games at MetLife stadium

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In 2026 we'll also have the chance to catch the World Cup, being hosted in East Rutherford in July.

More on that exciting news right here.

But when winter takes over in Jersey, it can seem like the excitement has vanished from the state.

Photo by Fabrice Villard on Unsplash
Photo by Fabrice Villard on Unsplash

However, that's not the case at all!

Did you know that Jersey is home to the world's first 7-D Indoor thrill ride?

It's a fully immersive 7D experience that will leave you second-guessing reality, and it's right here in the Garden State!

The World's First 7D Thrill Ride Is At The American Dream Mall In NJ

It may come as no surprise that something of this magnitude is found in one of the biggest attractions in Jersey; the American Dream Mall.

It's called Blast 7-D and it's a fully immersive experience that offers 5 different unique experiences from escaping a zombie apocalypse to fighting off a robot army in the Wild West.

If you're curious what 7-D is, it's the fun of seeing a movie in 3D but also features the feeling of intense movement, G-force acceleration, and wind.

Operating 7 days a week according to Only In Your State this is a can't miss attraction, especially in the dead of winter since it's indoors.

Rides are $15 per person, or you can get a two-ride pass for $27.

What makes this experience even more unique is that it's also a game.

During your 7-D movie, you'll be on a team blasting away trying to score the highest amount of points.

It sounds like a blast.

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