If you blinked, you missed it — apparently March 21 was National Fragrance Day.

According to a recent study put out to celebrate the special occasion, if you were wearing a nice perfume or cologne, New Jersey wants nothing to do with you. We in the Garden State like the smell of something far more disgusting.

First, let me explain how I found out this disturbing information.


Research was done by the guys at Top NJ Casinos to find out what New Jersey’s favorite scent is based on the number of monthly Google searches.

They looked at searches from each month for the last year to come to their results, here are the ten most searched scents in the Garden State.

🔟 Smell of baked goods

1,680 monthly searches

The list starts off fine and dandy. Who wouldn’t love the smell of fresh baked cookies or cakes? There’s an undeniable comfort there.

Cute young woman baking cookies
Wavebreakmedia Ltd

9️⃣ Smell of bacon

1,680 monthly searches

What? Not pork roll (fine, or “Taylor ham” for you north Jerseyans)? We’re searching for the wrong pig-based breakfast meat, in my opinion.

Fried bacon strips

8️⃣ Smell of Christmas trees

2,040 monthly searches

No better way to get in the holiday mood than with the nostalgic smell of a Christmas tree. It's a pretty safe bet that these searches skyrocket in December.


7️⃣ Smell of vanilla

2,520 monthly searches

This is a wonderful, comforting smell. 10/10. No notes.

Aromatic vanilla extract and dry pods on wooden table, space for text
Liudmila Chernetska

6️⃣ Smell of nail polish

2,640 monthly searches

Here’s where I start to not understand my fellow Garden Staters… do people actually like this smell? Or are they searching it online as a form of self-punishment?

Three types of nail polish pouring from a bottle

For me the next one is even worse…

5️⃣ Smell of a new car

2,880 monthly searches

Barf. Just awful.

We should be searching for “how to get rid of new car smell” instead.

Frustrated driver

4️⃣ Smell of melting chocolate

3,360 monthly searches

Now we’re back on track, this search I can get behind. Though I would want “melting chocolate near me.”

Chocolate heart
Guido Vrola

3️⃣ Smell of cinnamon

3,960 monthly searches

*Homer Simpson voice* Mmmmmmmm… Cinnamon.

Cinnamon sticks and powder, isolated on white background
Marat Musabirov

2️⃣ Smell of coffee

4,800 monthly searches

We’re on the go in the Garden State, we need our coffee. Even if it’s just the smell of it.

Pavel Timofeyev

And our number one searched scent in New Jersey? Hold your nose and keep reading:

1️⃣ Smell of gasoline

6,000 monthly searches

Hold the #&%! up… You’re telling me the state that prides itself on not pumping their own gas — in part because people complain that it will get on their hands — actually seeks out this smell??

Natnan Srisuwan
Natnan Srisuwan

I feel like I don’t recognize my own home state!

Does this mean New Jerseyans are changing their mind on the whole “pumping our own gas” debate? I guess time will tell.


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