The countdown is on to the Great American Solar Eclipse, now less than two weeks away. For up to ten minutes next month, a stretch from Texas to Maine will see the sun completely shrouded by the moon. It is one of the cosmos' most breathtaking spectacles. And New Jersey will have a partial view this time around.

"Solar eclipse mania" is definitely building to a crescendo, and it is so cool to see how excited and engaged New Jerseyans are getting about it. Fingers crossed that the weather will be conducive to a great view, and that clouds and rain stay far away.

Have you made plans to view the solar eclipse? Are you traveling to the path of totality to witness this rare spectacle? Are you planning to just walk outside and "look up" at the appropriate time? Or none of the above?

There is still plenty of time to make plans if you have not already. And time to ensure you can stare at the sun safely.

This guide offers some tips on how to safely view the eclipse here in New Jersey and where you might travel for a front-row seat. I also include some "frequently asked questions" about how the eclipse might affect photography, solar power generation, air temperature, and more.

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Dan Zarrow is Chief Meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Check out Dan's weather blog or follow him on Facebook for your latest weather forecast updates.

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