🔴 2.9 magnitude aftershock hit Hunterdon County

🔴 2nd biggest aftershock since April 5 earthquake

🔴 Unlike most aftershocks, people reported feeling this one

TEWKSBURY — More than three weeks since New Jersey's April 5 earthquake, aftershocks continue to shake up the Garden State.

A 2.9 magnitude aftershock was confirmed in Hunterdon County on Saturday morning. It was felt around 9:49 a.m. around 4 miles southwest of Gladstone, according to the United States Geological Survey.

It's the second largest aftershock New Jersey has experienced this month. An aftershock of 3.7 magnitude was measured just minutes after the 4.8 magnitude tremor on April 5.

The state Office of Emergency Management said early Saturday afternoon that they had not received any reports of damages from the aftershock.

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The relatively big aftershock Saturday morning bucks the trend of most aftershocks since April 5 being too small to feel.

There have been nearly 150 aftershocks in New Jersey as of Sunday morning, according to the USGS. Only 15 of them had magnitudes greater than 2.0.


Reports of people in New Jersey feeling the aftershock came flooding in on social media. Some believed it was another separate earthquake.

"Another NJ earthquake. Definitely not as loud or long as the last one," said one user on X.

"We got hit again! This is NOT NATURAL! It’s NJ! We don’t get earthquakes!" said another user.

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