New Jersey is about to be treated to a much bigger and better event come 2024. A total solar eclipse is on its way with The Great Garden State falling into an excellent viewing area.


The United States as a whole has been fairly lucky over the past several years when it comes to solar eclipses. Even here in New Jersey, we've been able to experience at least portions of different solar eclipses unfolding in the past.

Think back to June 10, 2021. That was one of the more recent times New Jersey was fortunate enough to witness such an event.

View of a solar eclipse from former space station Mir (Photo: NASA)
View of a solar eclipse from former space station Mir (Photo: NASA)

What made the June 10 event so rare for New Jersey was the fact that it was a solar eclipse sunrise. And a good portion of the sun was obstructed by the moon at that very moment the sun rose over the horizon.

It pretty much resembled a cradle rising into the sky. What's more, because it was so low in the sky it was actually safe to look at with the naked eye at the very beginning.

Here's just a quick look back at that day. Some of these images are absolutely stunning.

Wow! Views of the sunrise solar eclipse in U.S. and world

A partial solar eclipse was visible June 10, 2021 as the sun rose over the East Coast.

Gallery Credit: Associated Press

(Photo: NASA)
(Photo: NASA)

April 8, 2024, and beyond

It won't be long before New Jersey experiences its next major solar event. April 8, 2024, will be a near-total eclipse for us.

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Then in 2025, New Jersey will experience another partial sunrise eclipse. And beyond that, will see more near-total solar eclipses, including one at full totality.

Here's a look at every solar eclipse that'll affect New Jersey throughout the 21st century.

LOOK! Every solar eclipse to affect NJ through 2100

From partial to complete totality, here's a complete look at every upcoming solar eclipse affecting New Jersey throughout the 21st century, according to Peak times are approximate and will vary based on precise viewing location.

Gallery Credit: Mike Brant

Solar eclipse in New Jersey solar eclipse simulation in New Jersey

Solar eclipse mania! What NJ sungazers need to know for April 8, 2024

Gallery Credit: Dan Zarrow

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