New Jersey is very fortunate to have such great food within its borders. Despite being such a tiny state, we sure pack an incredible punch when it comes to anything we're serving up.

Unfortunately, most of the country won't ever experience all the greatness that New Jersey has to offer. This is also why most national polls will only include national chains when it comes to finding the best foods.

With that said New Jersey is also pretty lucky in the fast food department. And when it comes to the nation's favorite french fries, we're not a place that'll disappoint.

Here's a look at the nation's all-time favorite french fries for 2024, most of which you can find right here in the Great Garden State. Then afterward, we'll ask you where you believe New Jersey's favorite french fries are served up.

America's Favorite French Fries

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Best french fries in New Jersey / thumbs up / happy

Authentic Jersey Fries

Of course, when it comes to national polls, the fast-food joints will always get the upper hand. But it makes sense since most fast food places are found from state to state.

As for New Jersey, we're very fortunate to go beyond the drive-thrus. So for a moment, forget about all the fast food in New Jersey and think about the best french fries at your favorite sit-down restaurants.

Where is that for you? Feel free to share in the comments where you believe the state's best french fries really are.

But if you agree with any of the fast food places, that's OK too. Let's give some shout-outs to those who have the ultimate best french fries here in The Great Garden State, fast food or not.

French Fries side dish

A fast food obsession?

Aside from the fries, it's no surprise that most in New Jersey have their go-to fast-food place for other menu items as well. But what happens when the drive-thru line is very long? What the majority of New Jerseyans do in that situation may surprise you.


Fast food items like hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and pizza
If this picture doesn't make you hungry, the rest of this article definitely will. (wildpixel)

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