What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read "Waffle Baby?"

Deliciously-named item on the breakfast menu? Someone who tends to whine about their own indecisiveness?

Waffle Baby's Origin Story

The first Waffle Baby sighting came on Feb. 25 when TikTok user @viidadari uploaded a video of her newborn son, Zuko, who looked like he had just woke up from a nap.

"Good sleep," the post reads.

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In the video, we see Zuko slowing moving in his post-nap daze. He had been sleeping on some sort of textured mattress or pad.

It must have been a good nap, because the pattern of the mattress/pad is now hilariously indented on the side of his face.

Waffle Baby Goes Viral

The video has generated an eye-popping 91.7 million views since it was posted less than two weeks ago.

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"Baby just had the best nap of his life and his life just started," TikTok user @jay_s819 commented.

The success of the original video, has led to follow-ups of Zuko's adventures with sleep. A video titled "Grumpy Waffle Baby" was uploaded earlier this week.

When he falls asleep in his carrier instead of the crib, Waffle Baby trades his facial pattern for a pose has him pointing one of his legs in the air.

He looks so peaceful. Who are we to judge?

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