SZA revealed the reason she got her breast implants removed.

The 34-year-old singer appeared on the S.H.E. MD podcast, and stated that her family history of breast cancer helped her make the decision.

According to People, SZA admitted that she didn't understand the risk initially until she attempted to get a breast enhancement and had to deal with fibrosis – the thickening and scarring of connective tissue.

"When I got my boobs done, my doctor took out some of my fibrosis, but... there was so much fibrosis, it was crazy.’ And he took it out. And so, when I went back, a lot of the concerns were gone," she told hosts Mary Alice Haney and board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Thais Aliabadi.

The Grammy winner noted that she was supposed to have an appointment with Dr. Aliabadi before the implant surgery, but she "snuck and got it anyways."

"I have markers in my breast, like metal markers in my breast for these fibrosis, for these lumps or whatever, I'm not supposed to be getting breast implants...." she explained, adding that she ended up having her implants removed due to fibrosis.

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"So basically, I put them in. They ended up hurting me. I got way too much scar tissue because my breasts are too dense and I'm not supposed to have breast implants. And so I ended up getting extra fibrosis like with tissue, whatever, and I didn't feel good and it was painful. So, I took them out, and now, they're just my boobs," the "Kill Bill" singer said.

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