Chatting with PopCrush Nights host Donny Meacham, Selena Gomez reveals why she finally decided to release "Single Soon" after all these years.

Gomez says the song can "be interpreted in so many different ways," but it was written six years ago during a time when she wasn't exactly single — she was reportedly dating The Weekend when she first worked on the song in the studio in 2017 — so it wasn't the right time to release it back then.

"I think for me, I did the songs six years ago and we brought it back, and we reproduced it and it sounds amazing and I'm so proud of it," Gomez, who is currently enjoying being single, shares.

"It is that era in my life. I didn't release it back then because I wasn't in that place. Genuinely I feel so happy, and I haven't been in a relationship in five years and I'm happy as can be, and feel like I'm finally in a place where like whatever comes my way it'll just add to my life, it won't take anything away," she tells PopCrush Nights.

The Only Murders in the Building star notes she is "so happy" at this point in her life, and that she "wanted to make a really fun song for those people who enjoy themselves more."

"It is just such a fun end of the summer [song], and I just hope people dance," Gomez adds.

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Gomez released "Single Soon" as a standalone single on Aug. 25. The hit dance-pop track is about looking forward to a relationship ending.

The uplifting "Single Soon" video features Gomez having a blast on a night out with her fellow single gals.

The pop star is currently working on a new album.

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